We support individual projects through Rotary, Lions, Lantern Club, our local schools and others in addition to The Pattaya Orphanage and Save The Children Australia


We have debated, many times over, the most appropriate ways to donate to those less fortunate than ourselves. Many of our conversations have centred around the concept of giving to those in need in our own country or simply supporting those in need wherever they may be.

We made the decision to donate personally to children in need in Thailand at The Pattaya Orphanage in addition to the local projects that we are often involved with.

We have been visiting The Pattaya Orphanage  for the past four or five years, in person, where we buy actual items that are required by the orphanage. This changes each visit based on needs at the time and can vary from basic food requirements, baby formula, medicine or as we did on one visit, providing hospital grade ear thermometers for use in the baby nursery.

It’s easy to forget that you can’t drink the water from the tap as we do here in Sydney. Six 1.5 litres bottles of drinking water (9 litres) can be bought for 60 baht or about $2.25 in Australian dollars. Volunteers, staff and the children all drink clean bottled water. Our Australian dollars can go a long way toward necessities in Thailand.

The objectives of The Pattaya Orphanage or quite simple, yet very effective.

  1. To provide help to orphans by accepting to bring up poor orphans and providing lodging, food and education services without limitation in race and religion
  2. To provide families with readiness who want to adopt orphans under the child adoption law
  3. To provide education to orphans according to their intelligence in as much as their ability to learn and to provide them with employment when they finish their education
  4. To cooperate with other charity organizations that work about children for public interest.

Children can live their entire lives at the orphanage and be educated up to bachelor degree level – eventually having the care and educational background to provide for a successful life and career in Thailand or abroad.

We would love you to take the time to read more about The Pattaya Orphanage. You can donate, support a child or visit in person if you are in Thailand. Please – have a look at the website



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